Zimmy's Derbyshire Rambles


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The current situation

As I write this (31 July) the Ramblers Association has updated their advice to permit walking with groups of up to 30 people. Stupidity! To be safe we will not walk in groups before next year (2021).

Dave Twigg has agreed to take over the running of the Zimmy walks from myself and we planned to share the organisation this year to keep the handover smooth. I would have wished him a much better start to the task - but I think he will take it in his stride.

All that any of us can do is to hope for a reasonably speedy and successful conclusion to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are some photo links below and you can click here to have a look at last year's programme and reach the files that are attached to that page.

My best wishes to you all and my hopes for a quick return to our walks in the Peak District.


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Flowers previously seen
Identification of flowers

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