Last updated 1.7.2018  

Date Walk starts at 10:30 on Tuesday 24 July 2018
Froghall and Consall.
Walk Info
(long walk)
A route with some fine paths through woodlands. The route goes as far N as Ipstones and passes through that village. It then heads for the Consall Estate, arriving down the Devil's Staircase and Consall Station to do a circuit in Consall Wood. It then uses a woodland path to descend to the Caldon Canal which is followed back to Froghall Wharf.
Distance 15.1km
Ascents 400m
(long walk)
Gordon Murray..........[01 509 842 508] --and-- [07 746 000 746]
Walk Info
(short walk)
(short walk)
Start Meet at Froghall Wharf car park.
Grid Ref SK 027 476 and nearest Postcode is ST10 2HH
Travel One way is to head for Ashbourne then take theA523 towards Leek but turn off at the A52 towards Froghall. This takes about 71 mins from Loughborough and is 51 miles. This route via Ashbourne is easier to follow than the Utoxeter/Cheedale route. The last R turn to Froghall Wharf is unusually sharp.
Another way is via the A50 and taking the A522 though Cheadle. The Cheadle part is a little messy and do watch out when leaving the A50 for the A522 (you want to head N but the turnoff is on the S side of the A50 before passing over the A50). From Loughborough the time needed is 67 mins and the distance is 49 miles.
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Extra Info If arriving from the Ashbourne route you will descend a steepish hill on the A52 and turn right about 135°.
Toilets at start? Yes - at entry end of car park.