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Date Walk starts at 10:30 on 28 Aug 2018
Ambergate, Shining Cliff and Crich
Walk Info
(long walk)
ZDR026/z   The Shining Cliff path northwards on the W of the valley. Descend to cross river at Whatstandwell before ascent to Crich Memorial and a return via Crich village.
Distance 15.2 km
Ascents About 490 m in total.
(long walk)
Ted Wells..........[01 162 929 732] --and-- [07 462 262 404]
Walk Info
(short walk)
ZDR026/z   Through Shining Cliff woods and down to Whatstandwell. Return along Cromford Canal. (Can you spot a Water Vole?)
Distance 09.0 km
Ascents Less than 215 m in total.
(short walk)
Joan Murray..........[01 509 842 508] --and-- [07 746 000 756]
(Joan will be there and has plans to walk on her own, but would appreciate company)
Start Roadside at SK346514.
Try to park so you can reverse out downhill: wheelspin on gravel possible.
Grid Ref SK 346 514
Travel Google Maps time from Loughborough 50min for 34 miles
Tyrn inot Holly Lane and continue over river to park on verge at left.
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Extra Info Do not plan your journey to approach M1 Junction 24 from Kegworth (there may be delays). Use J23 to access the M1.
Toilets at start? None - only informal arrangements on first part of both routes.

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